Will the holidays ever be the same?

I can’t help but ask myself this question often, and it’s easy to get sad about how different the holidays will look this year. No big parties, no parades, and shopping this year just feels completely different….has COVID shut down the JOY of the holiday season?! Worse than COVID; however, is the suffering that some people are going through that many of us cannot even comprehend. A week ago, my friend lost her husband to cancer. Two days ago, another friend lost her son to a tragic accident. These holidays will not be the same for them this year or any year to come.

As I pray for my two friends, I realize more and more that all we need to make the holidays special are our loved ones around us. That is the true authentic JOY of the holiday season… and all year long. Hug them, cherish them, and be grateful for them.

To me, JOY is knowing that my loved ones are healthy and safe. JOY is knowing that I have a roof over my head, food to eat, and friends that never let me down. JOY is smiling at a stranger, despite the mask, my eyes show the kindness in my soul. JOY is the “pay it forward” thing, when someone in front of me, in the Starbucks line, buys my coffee on a dark and drab winter day. JOY is doing a favor for someone, even when you really don’t have the time to do so. JOY is sharing positivity in a world that has seen TOO MUCH hate and negativity.

What does JOY mean to you this holiday season? 💗

Choose Joy,