Turn “Meh” Into Action

Hey ya’ll.

I want to start this blog with a question: Why can’t I get excited?

It’s a question that seems simple enough, yet I can’t seem to come up with a straight answer. Those of you who have been following me for a while now probably know that I’m a single mom, with a whole lot of responsibilities. In addition to making sure my businesses are being run the way they’re supposed to, I also need to make sure I’m not neglecting my duties as a momma. Obviously, everyone has their own responsibilities…that’s not breaking news.


It’s still incredibly important to partake in things that bring you joy, right? I wrote about this in a previous blog titled “Rest + Recover”, where I said how important it is to take time for yourself. I still stand by those words, and think you should too.

But on a personal note, I’ve been having a problem lately. None of those things that used to bring me joy are exciting me like they used to. I used to LOVE taking the time to read a good book, or go for a jog. Hell, even reorganizing my house (with a vodka soda refreshment) was something I genuinely enjoyed doing! But lately? The thought of doing any of these things just doesn’t interest me.

So why is this?

Well it turns out there’s a medical term for feeling this way (thank you, Google). It’s called “anhedonia”, and it’s defined as the loss of interest in previously rewarding activities. In other words, feeling “meh, I’m not into it”, instead of “Yay! Let’s do it!”.

I’ve been open about my depression in previous blogs and podcasts, so I wasn’t surprised at all to learn that anhedonia is a common symptom of it.

So, what’s the solution? Honestly, I wish I could tell you. I’m in the middle of still trying to figure it out, but I have some ideas!


  1. Learn to let go of some things while hanging on to others. As life changes, some hobbies/activities WILL likely fall by the wayside. Don’t beat yourself up about this! Instead, recognize it as normal, and pick one or two other things that are important to hang on to.


  1. Treat your personal activities as if they were just as much of a priority as your job. You wouldn’t just skip work, would you? Treat that 30 minutes of personal time the same way. Some days you might not feel like doing it, just like you might not feel like going to work, but you won’t regret doing it once you’ve done it.


  1. Realize that feeling indifferent (that “meh” feeling) is not the same as feeling negatively about something. Sometimes you just need that little push to get going. On the flip side of that, if something truly DOES bring about negative feelings, then maybe that’s a good sign to let that thing go.


Those are all just some ideas I had while I try and figure this thing out…if you’ve gone through this, or are currently dealing with it, feel free to reach out to me with some thoughts/advice of your own!