Things to Water in 2021

If you are anything like me, you may need an iPhone app to remember when to water your houseplants!  

We live in a busy time and a world that rewards the early bird with the worm.  We are extremely busy these days with jobs (often plural), kids, pets, friends, homes and yards to care for, philanthropy, hopefully some exercise, and “me time.”  (That last one most of us, women especially, don’t do often enough…if at all!!)

Therefore, when I get pretty houseplants like orchids or violets they die within weeks.  I either overwater them or underwater them.  I never know the correct amount, that’s why typically, a cactus is the best plant for me. HAHA!  I rarely have to remember to water it at all!  I also do fairly well with succulents; however, they still have to be watered on a monthly basis.  I recently downloaded an iPhone app that reminds me of my plant’s water needs both the timing and the amount.  Then I realized that remembering to water and nurture my plants was similar to how much I nurture and “water” myself and my soul.   

A few days later,  I saw this picture on Instagram that my friend Chris had posted:

“Things to Water in 2021” 

  1. Authenticity 
  2. Self-Love 
  3. Growth Mindset 
  4. Gratitude
  5. Perseverance 

How do you go about watering these essential pieces of your life? Authenticity, to me, has taken years to perfect and I am still not there.  Authenticity is not only being honest with others but being honest with yourself.  Then being able to share those honesties out loud is when you are your most authentic self.

Self-Love can come in many forms, whether it’s self-care such as taking time to get your nails done, taking a nap, reading a book, or just washing your hair!  Many things can qualify as self-love.  However, as women, moms, and weekend warriors, we often do not have time to water our own self-care.  It is hard for me, mostly because it feels selfish or I feel guilty as if I should be doing something more important elsewhere.

Growth Mindset is one of my favorites because it’s all about learning and continuing to be a lifelong learner is one of the things I talk about often in my talks, with my teams and with my friends.  A growth mindset comes from reading books, adapting new philosophies, having conversations with people you don’t necessarily agree with, doing things outside of your comfort zone, and finding what you learned from doing so.  We all need to continue working at watering our growth mindsets if for no other reason than to teach the next generation and those to follow that there is always SOMETHING we don’t know.  There is always more to learn.

Gratitude is often one that is overlooked for me.  I’ve started to pay mental gratitude daily to everyday things; for example, as I’m driving I will say out loud, “I am grateful for gas in my car.”  When I get to work I say, “I am grateful for my staff – that shines so bright and is so helpful to me in every way.”  Just the other day I said, “I am grateful for salt in Wisconsin, so that I didn’t just slip and fall on the sidewalk and break my leg.”  Little things like that are a great way to start a daily gratitude practice. Another great way is through a gratitude journal.  I carry a very small and simple one at Authentique and I love it!  It even includes “I’m Grateful For You Postcards” that you can send while you’re taking 5 or 10 minutes each day to be grateful for something or someone in your life.  How amazing would it be able to get one of those postcards in the mail??

Lastly, Perseverance. I think I have definitely watered this portion of my life over the course of the past 11 months by being tested during a pandemic and owning 2 small businesses, which has been maintaining a small profit and haven’t had to let go of a single employee!  Also, by enduring the threats, criticisms, hateful messages, emails, texts and letters sent to me because I believe one thing and these other people (some dear friends) believe something else.  Perseverance, until you’re tested, is probably one of the hardest things to water naturally.  Perhaps, if you tried to do one thing that you’ve always wanted to do or maybe one thing that you’re not that great at but you practice it!  A little bit every day or every week, that’s considered perseverance. Maybe you want to paint a painting but you have no art ability at all, practicing daily to paint a bowl of fruit a little at a time may result in a painting of a bowl of fruit.  Watching shows, like old Bob Ross episodes, might help teach you some tips and techniques.  Not giving up until that painting looks like a bowl of fruit, is watering your perseverance.  

I am going to attempt to do more watering of these things in 2021, how about you?