Savor the Moment

Hey ya’ll!

This week’s blog is kind of like a follow-up to the one I wrote last week. If you missed it, click HERE to read it.

To briefly recap, last week I discussed how activities that used to bring me joy haven’t been exciting me as much as they used to. If you’ve ever gone through this, then you understand how frustrating, and emotionally disheartening it can feel.

I’m not here today to tell you that I figured it all out (it’s always a work in progress). However, I did want to share a quick story about what I went through last week, and how it gave me a boost that I desperately needed.

So last week, I came back from spending ten days with my family in Arizona. It’s not super often that I get to see them, so I try to take my kids there at least once a year for some quality time. Time with family, in itself, is always wonderful but there was one part of my visit that I wanted to share.  It was something that DID, in fact, bring me a lot of joy when I least expected it. On the last day of my visit, I got an email saying that my flight had been delayed by almost three hours. Normally, this is the sort of thing that would stress most people out to no end…but I decided to make the most of it.

My brother’s fireplace looked like it could use a little makeover. So, with his permission, I decided to use the extra time to paint it! I didn’t overthink it, it just felt like what I needed to do in that moment, so I did it. And you know what? In THAT moment of painting my brother’s fireplace, I felt this sense of extreme peace. Even after I got another email telling me that my flight was BACK to its original time, I didn’t stress, or spaz out. I knew that I was packed, and could still make it to the airport on time.  So what if I had some paint on my clothes? So what if I wasn’t as presentable as I try to be when I go out in public? (I’d usually phrase that in a more PG-13 way but you get my drift.)

What mattered to me was that I was doing something kind for my brother, and it happened to involve an activity that I usually love, so I decided to savor it.

I did make my flight, and my brother has a freshly painted fireplace now. Was this experience some big, life changing moment that solved my depression? Of course not. But it was nice to be reminded that little things like that can still bring me such joy.

So, my advice to you this week is this: the next time you’re doing something you enjoy, take the time to step outside of it for a moment, recognize how special it is, and truly SAVOR it.