Refuse to surrender

Life is a beautiful thing.

Sadly, it can also be downright cruel at times. Too many people have been wronged, made to feel less than, and even violated. They carry with them a shame, feeling rejected by the world and afraid to be who they are. While the guilt isn’t their fault, it’s hard to shake off, and it prevents people from living life to its full potential.

I’ve had people in my life doubt me and my abilities. They told me that I couldn’t dress a certain way or say certain things, and they said that my businesses were doomed to fail. And I’ve certainly faced my share of critics, attacked and insulted for my beliefs (because that’s what happens when a confident woman stands up for herself). For too long, I let that petty feedback warp how I viewed myself. It consumed me, and I was miserable.

Then this quote hit me like a ton of bricks. I am NOT my negative experiences, but I am stronger today because of them. I will refuse to surrender. I am a light — and will spread that light as a positive influence everywhere that I go. That may be easier said than done, but progress is a process so I remind myself of these words constantly.

While words can be so inadequate for someone walking through this valley, let me simply say this: You are WORTHY. You are STRONG. There are more people ROOTING FOR YOU than you will ever realize. Keep pushing, and REFUSE TO SURRENDER.