My Journey to Authentique

I spent the better part of my life worrying about not being good enough. I can remember as long ago as middle school, all the girls in my class not liking me SO much that they started a rumor that I was a lesbian. I was only in 6th grade so I had to go home and look up lesbian in the encyclopedia, I didn’t even know what it meant! Furthermore, my maiden name was Beno and I had a terrible overbite throughout high school (until I turned 18 and was old enough to have reconstructive surgery) so my longtime nickname was “Bucky Beno.” I vividly recall that nickname starting around second or third grade!

For many years after that, I tried to be something I wasn’t. I tried to hang with the “cool” kids that would steal things from the mall. Guess who got caught? I would sneak out at night to meet boys by rolling my parents Suburban down the driveway in neutral. Guess who got pulled over by the police with only a temporary license? Most recently, I was existing in an unhappy marriage for going on 19 years “for the kids,” as many folks do. I was never more depressed, angry or resentful. Being truly AUTHENTIC takes vulnerability and it takes a tremendous amount of courage. But I promise you it IS worth it! Follow my journey through the ups and downs of me finally becoming Fearlessly Authentique.

Hugs, Kimberly