Don’t be mean when you don’t agree

I’m so happy to see TV ads for laundry detergent again!!

You heard me right!

After a long, negative campaign season, it’s nice that certain aspects of our lives are going back to normal. And hopefully the political tensions in this country can cool down.

A robust debate can be healthy… if done constructively. When people disagree on issues, it’s important that we never personalize those differences. Stick to the merits of the argument rather than launch mean-spirited personal attacks. Don’t allow your emotions to control your actions and make you do or say things that you’ll regret. We can’t allow disagreements to devolve into a toxic situation.

This past summer, I found myself under attack for simply speaking my personal opinion. Those who disagreed with me were LOUD and MEAN. They came after my business and tried to cancel it. They sent hate mail to my store and to my home. They came after me and my family. It was a horrible experience — and it mainly came from people I don’t know, all because they disagreed with what I had to say. They personalized our differences, and it resulted in a bad situation.

Politics and life are similar in that way. There will always be contests, disagreements, and debate. It’s how we handle those moments that makes all the difference. Let’s aim to do better and take the high road when dealing with others. That’s something I’m always trying to keep in mind, and I encourage you to try it as well.

Be Fearless, Kimberly