Courage is Grace Under Pressure

Have you extended grace to someone lately?

To have courage is to exhibit grace under pressure. That’s certainly easier said than done — especially after events like last week’s in Washington. But those events are what make the need for grace so important. The nation is divided. Riots and protests across the country (including my hometown), a bitter presidential election, out of control cancel culture, and now, the overtaking of our nation’s capitol building. It’s a lot to absorb, and it’s downright discouraging.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Our response to the events around us can help pave the way to a better, more civil country. It IS possible!

Despite our disagreements, we must exhibit grace under pressure and have courage to do what is right.

The courage to respect one another. Remember, we’re all humans and we all make mistakes. In order for our communities to unite, we need to respect each other and spread love — not hate.

The courage to listen to each other. When you disagree with someone, I encourage you to be intentional and listen to what they have to say. There’s a reason why they believe in the things they do. Learn what that reason is. You may not agree with it, but you’ll have a better understanding and it might even reaffirm your views.

The courage to let it go. We don’t need to give power to the attacks that are thrown at us or our belief systems. Some people aren’t looking for a discussion, they’re just looking to make a point. That isn’t constructive, and it probably isn’t worth your time. Rather than raising the temperature with a heated response, just let it go. You’ll both be better off.

Be courageous and spread grace!

I am crying for our nation, and I want the pain and division to end. No matter your political affiliation, we must resolve to do better. 2021 is a new beginning and our chance to get it right.

Gracefully yours,