Calling All Slackers!

It’s January 26th. Have you set your New Year’s Resolution yet? Me neither!

If you’re like me, you completely forgot to make one. Between the busy holiday season and finally taking a moment to relax, it’s easy to lose track of time. Luckily, it’s not too late to make one and start TODAY!

And here’s the thing…

Stop thinking resolutions need to be these big, grandiose changes to your life. Rather than planning a complete overhaul, plan the tweaks that will make you happier and bring you peace.

What are you leaving behind in 2020?

What makes you happy or sparks joy? Are those things currently in your life?

What fear do you need to tackle?

What are you trying to achieve professionally?

How can you step outside of your comfort zone?

Asking yourself these questions can help determine your authentic priorities and ambitions. From here, you can craft the resolution that will chart your way to growth. The more realistic they are, the more likely you’ll stay motivated to achieve them.

For me, my resolution is to continue conquering fear head-on. I was faced with greater challenges and opposition in 2020 than the last 20 years combined. However, those challenges made me stronger and even more empowered! I am capable of defeating every fear and challenge that comes my way. And it’s my goal to lead others (like you!) to do the same.

Don’t worry, I am not encouraging you to set a resolution to eat only vegetables, go to the gym twice a day, and stop drinking wine. Set a realistic goal. Set one that will make you happy and be a better person. I believe and declare that 2021 is going to be your best year yet!

There’s 339 days left in the year. That’s 339 days to create and crush your New Year’s Resolution. YOU GOT THIS!

With hope,