Hey Y’all! I’m super excited that you clicked my blog to find out the big news. You ready? Here it is: You are stronger than you realize. 

Now I know what you might be thinking, “how is THAT the big news?” It’s big news because believe it or not, people are still surprised to hear it, and sometimes don’t believe it (myself included). 

So here’s a few reminders to get you through the week. Some of you may already know this and others may need to be hear it.

You are beautiful–inside and out.
You are strong and can handle any challenge that comes your way.
You are brave (even when you don’t know it) and fearless when you need to be.
You are deserving of all the praise you receive and earned the accomplishments you achieved. Know your worth.
And most important, you are SO special to me! 💗

No matter what you are going through today, tomorrow, or life in general at the moment, I want to remind you that YOU GOT THIS. 

If you need some added encouragement to get through the week, be sure to listen to our recent episodes. We’ve had some amazing special guests that will speak to your soul.

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