Being “Present” During a Season of Presents

The definition of being PRESENT is existing or occurring at this time or now.

Being PRESENT sounds simple, but in reality it’s easier said than done.

I’ve talked to countless moms, and we can all agree that being truly PRESENT during the holiday season is hard. Instead of enjoying the little moments and the bright holiday lights, we sweat the small stuff. We worry about how many “likes” our family photos get on Facebook, the dreadful work gift exchange, finding enough time to wrap presents, and even making sure we don’t burn the Christmas cookies. Why is the most joyful season sometimes the least enjoyable?

What if the greatest present we could give ourselves this Christmas was to be fully PRESENT?

PRESENT in others. I encourage you to extend grace to the person who doesn’t deserve it. Set aside time to play a game with your kids after a long day of work. Trust me, work can wait but your kids will grow up faster than you think.

PRESENT in your community. I challenge you to spread the joy of Christmas to those outside your network. Make a donation to a charity and shop at your local small businesses, as they are going to great lengths to stay afloat.

PRESENT in this moment. I beg you to not stress about tomorrow as whatever you are going through will eventually pass–I promise. You survived 2020 and that deserves an award alone!

Now, what does being fully PRESENT mean to you?

I hope you join me this holiday season in giving yourself the greatest present of all…the gift of being truly PRESENT. Take a break. Enjoy the moment. You got this.

Presently here,