Be the reason someone smiles today.

When was the last time you smiled? Think about it. When was the last time you truly and authentically smiled?

You’re probably reading this thinking you smile every day and that automatically counts. Well kind of…you’re smiling but is your smile out of love, care, or appreciation? Or is it a forced smile to be polite and to go through the motions?

The world is SO fast paced and our lives are very busy. It’s easy to fall into a routine and lose authenticity in the midst of it all. In a time when our smiles are hidden behind masks, it’s more important than ever to be the reason someone smiles in both our personal and professional lives.

And best of all: you’ll feel better when you do it! Smiling is contagious, and while you’re making someone else feel good, you’ll improve your own mood too. And we could all use some more joy during these stressful times.

Here’s an example. When I say I love my staff at Authentique and Repour’d Candle Factory, I truly mean it. Y’all I LOVE my staff!!! They are amazing and help me out in so many ways. They are passionate about our products and care for our customers. Below is a photo of us at Authentique’s team Christmas party last year. My staff makes me smile every day of the year (even on days when it’s crazy and we need a break LOL). I love hosting team bonding opportunities so I can create an environment for good laughs, good times, and lots of smiles!!!

Are you ready to make someone’s day?!

I encourage you to brainstorm different ways on how you can be the reason someone smiles. It doesn’t have to be a party with free drinks and food…it can be random acts of kindness.

Here’s 10 ways to make someone smile this week:

  1. Text someone the top 3 reasons why they are important to you.
  2. Venmo someone $10 and say their coffee today is on you.
  3. Send someone “just because” flowers.
  4. Give your waiter or waitress an unexpectedly high tip.
  5. If you see a stranger and love their outfit, tell them!
  6. Let your kids stay up 15 minutes later on a school night.
  7. If you have older neighbors, check in on them to make sure they are doing well.
  8. Bring in bagels or doughnuts for your staff.
  9. Take out the garbage for your spouse.
  10. Support your local small businesses!

I challenge you to do at least one of these in March and then email me at to let me know! Together, we’ll do random acts of kindness to spread joy and be the reasons why people smile!