Attitude of Gratitude💕

Hey y’all! Everyone has so much going on right now, so I’ll keep this one brief. Christmas is almost here (how is this even possible?!?), and we’re consumed with last minute shopping, gift wrapping, baking, and the list goes on! 

It feels like we’ll never get everything done on time… but somehow it always comes together. Maybe, that’s the magic of Christmas? 🎄✨

Despite the stress of the season, I’m determined to stay FOCUSED and THANKFUL. We could all use more gratitude after a year like this one, so here’s a few things that I’m extra thankful for this Christmas.

  1. My two teenage children, who won’t be young forever. It won’t always be “cool” to spend time with me, so I’m savoring our extra time together this season.
  2.  My store – Authentique, which has been having a pretty great season, despite all we have had to endure. It’s such a joy to help others find the perfect gift for their loved ones, and I love seeing y’all. P.S. If you  haven’t listened yet, check out my latest podcast on giving the perfect gift! Listen here or wherever you get your podcasts!
  3. A strong support network of loving friends and family. Life can be downright hard in normal circumstances, nevermind during an international pandemic. Knowing that people have my back has made all the difference for me.

So as you race across town trying to get everything together, I encourage you to be thinking about what you’re grateful for in your life? Let’s have an attitude of gratitude in a world that could sure use it. 💕

Wishing you and your family a VERY Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Stay safe and savor the memories!